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    ISO 9001:2008 Certificate iso Rosco Eko-Tech


    of project implementation

    20 years

    of industry experience

    The Cubby – beach changing room

    Professional changing rooms – project patented for Europe and USA

    To fully satisfy the need of comfort and quality of your leisure time, we introduce you our double compact cabin with the advertising surface. Owners of recreational and leisure areas can use it to provide their customers with friendly environment and unforgettable relax.

    Przebieralnia plażowa Cubby - dane techniczne

    Double compact cabin combines multiple advantages that make it highly innovative and functional. The greatest advantages of CUBBY are:

    The structure of Cubby is made of thin-walled galvanized steel. The total mass of the dual cabin is about 200 kg. The total usable area with two separate entrances has 8 m².


    Floor is made of pine wood or Bangkirai wood, which is more durable.

    Polycarbonate walls resistant to negative impact of any weather conditions.


    Light and stable construction that is easy and quick to assemble.

    16 square meters of advertising area on the outer surface of the walls.

    Interesting design which combines well with every kind of a landscape.


    Our projects

    One of the first beach changing room in Kryspinów near Cracow.

    Outdoor advertising media, Norderney

    Beach chahnging room on Norderney Island off the North Sea coast of Germany.

    Beach changing room, Norden-Norddeich

    Beach changing room in Norden-Norddeich on the North Sea coast.

    Beach changing room, Norderney

    Beach changing room on Norderney with outdoor advertising media to promote coffeehouse.

    Outdoor advertising media, Norderney

    The Cubby on Norderney with advertising space to promote shop.

    Beach changing room, Rzepin

    Beach changing room on Lake Długie in Rzepin. Beach changing room is one of the element which appeared after renovation of area.

    Our clients about Cubby dressing rooms:



    “People who visited Norderney are very pleased with beach changing room.”



    “Beach changing room are really good quality, everyone want to take a selfie with picture of Klaus-Peter Wolf.”



    “Outdoor advertising looks great and construction is very stable.”

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