Frequently Asked Questions

  • abrasive blasting
  • preparing Sa2,5 steel structure surface
  • painting: priming, interlayer and finishing
  • all colours acc. to RAL and types of paints including those resistant to temperature, fire, etc.
  • powder coating
  • hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating

Our production capabilities include:

  • steel structures of regular quality materials
  • steel structures of increased quality materials
  • abrasion resistant
  • corrosion resistant (stainless)
  • temperature resistant

We produce structures for industrial constructions:

  • supporting structures
  • pipelines
  • ducts
  • containers
  • silos
  • conveyors
  • machine and device casings
  • mechanical parts treatment

On the basis of our own documentation and the documentation of our customers we execute steel structures and devices for cement plants, power and timber industries, environmental protection, as well as chemical, glass and ceramic industries.

Addressing the demands of our customers, we employ an assembly team whose members hold required international welding licenses permits for working at heights, etc. The assembly team supervisors consist of Polish, English and German speaking professionals.