Below you can find our selected projects (completed).

2016 Drum installation S235JR/16Mo3/P2656H information reserved
2016 Modular frames for devices S235JR, S355 SES
2016 Drum sealing S235JR / X5CrNi18-10 information reserved
2016 Belt conveyors S235JR information reserved
2016 Platforms, support structures, rails, supports S235JR information reserved
2016 Air separator S235JR / 1.4301 information reserved
2015 Belt conveyors S235 TAB
2015 Bucket conveyors S235/S355 TAB
2015 Support structures for sifters S235 TAB
2015 Bunkers S235/S355 TAB
2015 Elements of machine guards and casings 1.4301, S235 Telsching
2014 Platforms, railings, supports S235JRG2, aluminium Huty Szkła
2013 Mixer repairs Hardox information reserved
2013 Chutes, frames, troughs S235JRG2, P265GH information reserved
2013 Tanks S235JRG2 information reserved
2013 Pipelines 16EMo3 Ekopar
2012 Ducts and platforms S235JRG2 EMDE
2012 Reconstruction of sifter S235JRG2 TAB
2012 Mast structure S235JRG2 Denis Prive
2012 Heating frames (pipes) 1.4843, 1.4828, 1.4841 Huta Szkła
2011 Frames of units S235JRG2, S355 SES
2011 Machine casing elements S235JRG2 EMDE
2011 Belt conveyors, hoppers S235JRG2, Hardox TAB
2010 Scrapers S235JRG2 Górażdże Kruszywa
2010 Pipeline components S235JRG2 Ekopar
2010 Conveyor steel structure S235JRG2 Cemex
2009 Dryer fitting components S235JRG2 ,16Mo3 Rosco Steel