We supply parts of industrial equipment, machinery and stainless steel structures used in many market sectors.We also specialise in the production of conveyors systems and installation of the dedusting system.

The fields we operate in include such industries as power, electrical machinery, paper, wood, glass, food, mining of bulk materials as well as cement industry. We supply equipment used in recycling and renewable sources processes. We produce equipment used in environmental protection processes.

Our manufacturing capabilities include both steel structures of typical quality materials and stainless steel that is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, as well as extremely high and low temperatures.

Technical procedures used in the manufacture:

  • abrasive blasting
  • preparing Sa2,5 steel structure surface
  • painting: priming, interlayer and finishing
  • all colours acc. to RAL and types of paints including those resistant to temperature, fire, etc.
  • powder coating
  • hot-dip galvanizing and electroplating


Fiber sifting maschine-steel structures

Fiber sifting maschine

Air separators, fibre distributors, steel structures

Air separators, fibre distributors.

Industrial steel storage solutions - pressure vessels, silos

Industrial steel Storage solutions: Pressure vessels, stainless steel Tanks, silos, containers, charging hopper.

Pipelines for industrial applications, discharge channels, chimneys, industrial dampers

Pipelines for industrial applications, discharge channels, stainless steel cyclones, chimneys, industrial dampers, Industrial Dust Collectors.

Industrial dryer systems, steel structures

Industrial dryer systems, drum dryers, rotary drum dryers (including internal installations).

Machine housings, casings of industrial furnaces

Machine housings, casings of industrial furnaces.

Support structures, modular frames, landings, railings

structural steel fabrication: support structures, modular frames, landings, railings, stairs, ladders, supports, etc.

Transport conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket conveyors and sorting systems

conveyors systems: transport conveyors, Belt conveyors, bucket conveyors and sorting systems for all types of bulk materials.

Dedusting installations systems

dedusting installations systems, neutralisation, ventilation, dust collector, filter receiver.

Industrial furnaces.

Outdoor advertising media, Norderney

Beach changing roomS.

Plating-plated steel-steel platingg